Coaching – the right impetus for your career and your success

Want to make more out of your job and your life? Then start taking yourself seriously and find out what gives you greater fulfilment – and how you can specifically achieve this.

Change. Develop. Create.

You yourself determine what success means for you and when you are successful. An optimal mix of your talents, your time and your money enhances your prosperity. Lack of a strategy and unclear goals mean deterioration. Let us consider your options and formulate these calmly. Success and prosperity often draw on many clever sources.

Every success is preceded by an investment. The best investment that you can make is in YOURSELF. My coaching takes a solution-oriented and appreciative approach, acknowledging that the key to change for increased prosperity already exists in your personal strengths and resources. Promoting and activating your talents in harmony with your available time and the identification of financial leeway is the objective of the coaching.

Focal points of consulting (in German or English):

  • Career Coaching
  • Expatriate Coaching
  • Financial Fitness
  • Barefoot Coaching

Discover a career path that suits you and your lifestyle, makes you happy and successful and generates a good livelihood. Supporting and activating your talents in harmony with the time available to you, while clearly identifying financial leeway – these are the goals of my coaching. I always work with a can-do attitude and an eye to positive changes you can make in the immediate future.

What clients say:

Constant motivation

I really appreciate how you motivated me to find my own path, identify solutions and take the initiative.

Heidi A.

Appreciative impetus
For me, your most important characteristic is emotional support. I already knew a lot of things, but I needed your help to find the courage to believe in myself. Thank you!

Petra H.

Turning to my own strengths
I would like to thank you again for the highly constructive dialogue! Particularly in this day and age, where the difficulties of our professional careers are often excessively highlighted, it was good to be able to turn back to my own strengths, opportunities and chances.
Carolin R.

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