Barefoot coaching with virtual reality

Barefoot Coaching with virtual reality

Do you get the best ideas when you are relaxed? Virtual reality coaching takes you into an inspiring environment where you will visit your favourite place – be it on the beach, in the mountains or above the clouds.


Take your time to reflect on which well-trodden paths you are still lingering. In which new directions could you strike out?

Barefoot coaching allows you to experience a fascinating short break in virtual reality to rediscover that freedom of following your very own healthy path. It brings back that ease to life surrounding the topics of:

  • Career & professional life

What does success mean to me? What makes my job really enjoyable? How can I attract more customers who appreciate my work? What do I need to know in order to become even more successful in my professional life? What do I wish for myself in terms of professional fulfilment? What is stopping me?

  • Money & prosperity

What does wealth mean to me? How can I optimise the way I handle money (increase income, optimise expenses, build assets)? What dogmas and beliefs about money guide me and how can I change them? What do I wish myself in terms of financial wealth? What is stopping me?

With barefoot coaching, you treat yourself to an inspiring and relaxing space, where you will find solutions you never thought of before. The specially developed combination of methods will help you redefine professional, financial and personal goals with greater clarity. Simple strategies can be easily integrated into your daily routine to help you implement and anchor your new findings in the here and now of your life.

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