Expat partner coaching

Expat Career Coaching – helping you design the career that fits you.

Are you stuggling to perform in your new role, work environment or culture? Moving to Germany and finding your way through the maze of a foreign labour market can be a challenge. But with change and challenge comes opportunity.

Having been in your shoes as an expat professional and business owner, I understand how difficult change can be and what is required to realize success.

Being clear about your unique value and what you offer allows you to maximize your ability to leverage that value to reach your goals. Clarity around what your keys to success are also increases your confidence and focus. We’re more likely to consistently make the right choices that will take us where we want to go if we use our natural strengths and talents to drive our career choices.

Understanding yourself, your strengths and the marketplace can help you define and choose best fit roles and work environments to set yourself up for success by being your best self. Knowledge can help you optimize choices and generate better results in your life and career.

So what will you gain from coaching?

  • Clarification of your career goals
  • Managing personal challenges with greater ease and effectiveness
  • Discovering new career directions that are in line with your passion and interests
  • Identification of career perspectives and professional development options
  • tailor-made concepts for new career directions
  • professional support on your new career pathway

Having been an expat, I teach only what has been effective in building a successful career and business abroad for myself. My solutions are also informed by extensive training, 20 years experience, a decade of living and working overseas, and the latest practices in career and business acceleration and management.

What next?

If you’re ready to take the first step in your journey towards career success in Germany, contact me to schedule a free initial conversation.