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Having moved 20 times within Europe and the US, I am very familiar with change. I have consequently made it my life’s work to support other people in living creatively with changes and discovering the opportunities that these bring with them.

Following my studies in Business Management I began my career at two international head-hunting organisations before founding my own relocation company in Munich. With two small children, self-employment appeared to be the optimal solution, but shortly afterwards life took me to the UK and it was time to pack my things and sell the business. Then I discovered that London offered qualified programmes in the field of career consulting and enthusiastically gained certification as a Career Coach before launching an English-German career consultancy in London.

Relocating to America, without a work permit, called everything into question again. The year in Oregon enabled me to add depth to my range of consulting services. NLP training and qualification as an International Business Manager in Portland, Oregon further strengthened my skills base.

Back in Germany in 2000, an entirely new change landed in my lap: I had an idea for a new type of product. An idea so creative that I moved from the consulting branch I was previously active in and reinvented myself. I had this product patented, designed and manufactured before selling it worldwide, until I successfully sold the company in 2011.


I have a passion for advising and supporting people. Using the changes that occur in the course of our life to develop optimal, coherent solutions is my particular strength. Continuous further training and global market observation enable me to guarantee a consistently up-to-date range of consulting services, accompanied by an eye for entrepreneurship and commercial viability. Knowledge of the capital markets constitutes a decisive competitive advantage in this. In recent years I have been especially successful in nurturing the interest of women in the financial markets through my leadership of an English-language investment club.


Experience, creativity and future-oriented concepts form the foundations of my consulting activities. Creativity means establishing opinions and choices and lending these form. If we are aware of what we are capable, we can create an awareness for the diversity and beauty in our lives. Because changes occur in all of our lives – the only thing decisive for our success is how we handle those changes.

Create your own success. I look forward to talking to you.

Jeanette Hirsch (formerly Beutnagel)
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Constant motivation

I really appreciate how you motivated me to find my own path, identify solutions and take the initiative.

Heidi A.

Appreciative impetus
For me, your most important characteristic is emotional support. I already knew a lot of things, but I needed your help to find the courage to believe in myself. Thank you!

Petra H.

Turning to my own strengths
I would like to thank you again for the highly constructive dialogue! Particularly in this day and age, where the difficulties of our professional careers are often excessively highlighted, it was good to be able to turn back to my own strengths, opportunities and chances.
Carolin R.

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